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We are back in Trier! Sept. 16, 2019

One year after Pi and More 11, microcomputers are coming back to Trier! Between Pi and More 11 and 12 last year we not only had a great Pi and More 11½ in Krefeld but with Pi and Radio also a visit to the long-established UKW conference in Weinheim.

On November 16th we continue in Trier - but what would Pi and More be without exciting projects from the community? We are now accepting applications for talks, workshops and project exhibitions. We are looking for contributions from the entire community: from introductions for absolute beginners to special topics for experts, from the Pi to the China clone, from child-friendly and colourful to deep in the machine code.

Interested? Check out the Call for Contributions! The visitor and volunteer registrations are already open as well.

See you soon in Trier!