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Accessing GPIO pins via character device
or Fedora on wheels

11:30 Uhr – 11:55 Uhr, Audimax (Vorträge)

sysfs interface to GPIO pins has been deprecated and replaced by character device interface, which provides additional features like managing multiple pins at once, reliable polling, user permissions and so on. But even though the old sysfs interface is now frozen and might be removed after 2020, most of the common well-known libraries, for example RPi.GPIO, still heavily rely on it.

Which makes these libraries unusable on more or less recent kernels, like the one used in Fedora.

I want to present a Python library I ended up writing to build my three-wheel Fedora powered vehicle. While very simple, it can be used to switch LED lights, turn wheels or measure distances.

Von Aleksandra Fedorova (Red Hat)

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