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The Third Home Roamer
a WiFi controlled rover with a camera

17:00h – 17:25h, Hörsaal 11/12 (Talks)

This is the project: (2 minutes)

In case you don't want to watch the video, the project is a 2-motor-rover with a camera attached. The brains is a Raspberry Pi Zero. You can control the rover over SSH, or in case you don't know the rover's IP address, over Telegram. You also have live camera feed from a Web-browser. Either that or it sends you pictures over Telegram.

The presentation will be organized as a 5-10 minute live demo followed by 10-15 minutes of me giving advice to my past self building the project (mistakes I made, alternatives I considered). I don't think there will be much for advanced users, unless they are about to begin building something similar. Then hopefully some discussion leading to improvements and future features. We can also talk about the feasibility of similar projects people the audience might plan to build.

I've already failed twice building this. So this is the third iteration, and the fourth iteration is on the way. So far I had to go through quite a lot of trial and error regarding the mechanics, electronics and software. So after a quick live demo of the project's current state, I intend to go over the decisions I made and the alternatives I considered.

I had no experience with Raspberry Pis before I started building this. Some experience with Linux, programming, electronics and robot building. So the solutions I present will not be perfect, but only good enough. That's also why you cannot see my source code on GitHub. Unorganized code with no back-ups whatsoever seemed good enough at the time.

By alp

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